Renuka Rayasam

Renuka Rayasam

Renuka Rayasam is POLITICO Pro's Texas-based health care reporter.

Her reporting career has taken her from Austin, Texas to Berlin, Germany with a stop in Washington, D.C., along the way. Rayasam joined POLITICO Pro after seven years freelancing for various publications including The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, Reuters, BBC, The Los Angeles Times, Fortune, Newsweek and Quartz.

Prior to moving to Germany, Rayasam led financial services coverage for The Kiplinger Letter from Washington, D.C., where she broke a story in September 2008 about coming the wave of community bank failures across the country. She also covered small business at U.S. News & World Report and was a general business reporter at The Austin American-Statesman.

Rayasam grew up outside of Atlanta, Ga. She studied political economy and German at the University of California, Berkeley and has a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University.

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